Think carefully about what you chase

Photo Credit: davidyuweb via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: davidyuweb via Compfight cc

Be content!

If that was the only idea we all worked on this year, we'd be well ahead by the end of it. The one soul crushing lie we've internalized more than any other is that more is better. More money, sex, power, possessions, prestige . . . more, more, more.

In actual fact, 'more' is subject to the law of diminishing returns like almost everything else. We often miss that because when something stops giving us the reward of 'more' we switch to some other object to get more of.

In the long run we end up chasing the rainbow our whole lives and miss the aspects of life that are truly soul satisfying; family, relationships with God and our fellow travellers, and a satisfaction in doing a days work with integrity. As Proverbs puts it so well, all else is chasing after the wind.


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