The Long and Winding Road Back to the Beginning

Sometimes there is a long space between statements during a conversation. I've had one of those with you here on my blog. I've been trying to decide how to proceed and finally, since I couldn't come up with a 'perfect' solution I've decided to just proceed.


I'm going to suggest that there will be a fair bit of 'all over the map' for a while. And maybe it'll be like that forever. I can't predict that kind of stuff very well. That being said, I've appreciated those of you who've stuck with me along the road and I'd be glad to have you as we carry on again. For any of you who get this and say "what is he on about, and how did I get on this email list" I'm very comfortable with you hitting the unsubscribe button. I do it all the time. 😉

So, onward and upward. We engage the future with a steely gaze.


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