Doing ‘dumb’ is just annoying


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You have good days and bad days when you are working on the web. Today was both. I’ve been working on Lorraine’s website for her work the last couple of days. Enjoyable work, since it’s for someone I like a lot, and I’m doing a fair amount of under the hood activities that I’ve never done before. That’s mostly CSS and Joomla! 1.6 template work. So, all that to say that I’m enjoying it.

Well I was until I pulled the dumb lever. I had been working on a CSS file, had made dozens of edits, then saved it to the web server. Reloaded the web browser and was quite pleased by the result. Then I thought, it would be handy if I could try this in a color coded editor. I have DreamWeaver, I’ll try that. So I fired up DW and made a couple of small edits. Then I uploaded the file to the webserver, reloaded the browser, and gaped in disbelief at the ‘old’ version of the site. After a couple inhale/exhale cycles I realized that I’d grabbed the wrong version of the CSS file to work on in DW.

There is no undo when you upload and overwrite a file on the server. So on that happy note I’ve decided to call it a night and just head for bed knowing that tomorrow will have enough trouble for me to handle as well. No need to keep on enjoying this day’s load of dumb.


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