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RIP-FeedburnerGoogle has stopped supporting Feedburner. Which you don't care about, but sadly, that is how you are getting these updates.

Sometime in the next few days. I'm going to lose that Feedburner distribution. So, should you wish to get updates regarding the posts on this blog, you will need to indicate that once again on the Get Updates Via Email page. I apologize for that.

The saddest (annoying) part of this is that I don't even have access to the list of people who are currently receiving notifications by Feedburner. And thus I am required to send this one last lonely Feedburner update into the ether in hopes that it falls into sympathetic hands.

You can just click here to Get Updates Via Email and I'll add you to the future proofed system I'm developing.

Thanks for your part in my journey!

Get Updates Via Email


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