New Years Day

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As a child I always found the start of September to be a mixed feelings time of year. My birthday was close, but school was starting. I’d see friends again, but school was starting. Love the weather and the colors, but of course school was starting. As an adult, I completely enjoy the month of September, primarily because I have chosen to not start any schooling for any of the last 20 or so Septembers.

However, it’s still a nostalgic time. The bittersweet passing of summer, the anticipation of the fall with its colors and winter looming, but with Christmas on the horizon. In this season of life, I’m not starting back to school, but my nieces and nephews are. They are excited to start new journeys, new adventures, meet new friends, take on new challenges. In their anticipation I’m reminded that for everyone, even when there isn’t an obvious ‘new start’ to our lives, we can take this opportunity to begin fresh.

I’m involved with a very encouraging group who continually reminds me that today can be Day One. No matter how badly yesterday went, today is Day One. A fresh start. There may be consequences to deal with from previous days, but we can start our journey to a better future today regardless of how badly, or how well, the past has gone.

It’s very much like September. It comes every year with fresh promise and a new load of possibilities. Take this opportunity for a New Year’s resolution to start each day as Day One. Let yesterday’s disappointments go, carry the lessons learned into a new day filled with promise and possibility.

Happy New Year!

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