Love Hurts

Funeral bouquets

Well that's not usually true except when you lose someone that you love. I guess more accurately losing someone you love hurts! A lot!

I've been to two funerals in the last couple of weeks. They've both been because I have a good friend who's lost a significant other. Incredibly sadly, it's the same friend losing her sister and her mom within a month. There aren't really any words that can be said to make the situation better. All I can do is grieve with her. 

And as I do that I remember my mom's passing. I've said it often since, "you're never old enough to lose your mom!" Even if your relationship with your mom isn't great, having her be gone forever is rarely helpful.

In this case the relationship was good, her eternity is assured, all is good, except she's gone. And that hurts.

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