Large black refills and changing your life

Photo by Tim Holmes from Flickr

I’m struck by how little effort it takes to make a difference and how rarely I make that effort. Like say writing here. It takes surprising little effort to do this, except as you can clearly see I am sporadic at best.  So, time for some commitments to apply some purposeful small energy bursts against my inertia.

  1. Large black coffees instead of extra large.
  2. Stretching and prayer before email or other “I’ll just check one thing” starts
  3. Bus to work 10 days a month

Ok, that’s probably all I can manage in one go.

Large black coffees instead of extra large, just because no one needs to drink as much coffee as I do. I don’t drink it out of drug addiction, but as activity break. So, tea or water works just as well.

Stretching and prayer before work starts because I don’t EVER get back to it once I do just that one quick thing.

And I want to bus to work a few days each month because it gives me a space to sit, think, listen to music or podcasts and still get something done. For whatever puritan reasons, I find it difficult to just DO any of those things when I could be doing something else.

I’ll let you know how all that goes.

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