Hong Kong skyline

How Much Is Enough?

Hong Kong Skyline by Sprengben [why not get a friend]

Hong Kong Skyline, a photo by Sprengben [why not get a friend] on Flickr.

There are a lot of things in this world that you need more of; love, friends, conversation, laughter, peace, good government, joy, etc. There is no end to the best of things. However, there is practically never any need for more stuff.

I live in a society where ‘more stuff’ is the ultimate badge of achievement. Not one car, but two. A house in the city and one at the lake. A computer, an iPad, an iPhone . . . wait, that last one describes me, so that can’t be so bad. 

A long time ago I gave a talk called “Bigger is better until you have to carry it.” The basic thrust being, everything you add on has a cost in overhead, maintenance, time spent to use it, learn it, untangle it, etc. I don’t think I was particularly insightful in making that observation. However, I’ve noticed that even though many people at that time, and since, have nodded in agreement there hasn’t been any appreciable movement to downsize or simplify.

Perhaps we’re all still trying to prove, to ourselves if not the rest of the planet, we belong. We ARE worthy to be here. See I’ve got stuff. Some of it’s better than yours, so I must be doing ok.

I compare, therefore I am.

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