Greater is He

Inside the brain
This is one of two identical color processors inside your brain. One is behind each eyeball, and is about the size of a golfball. This processor is what allows you to see your television in 1080P! By

There is almost nothing I’d rather be able to do than whatever I set my mind to. Which, when said out loud, is almost laughably stupid. Of course I can do whatever I set my mind to. Except I can’t seem to. A lot of the time!

So what exactly is up with that?

I have some solace that I’m in good company. The apostle Paul has a famous bit about not being able to do what he knows he should and doing what he knows are bad choices. Yet somehow that is remarkably cold comfort when I come to the end of a day that began with high hopes and great expectations.

And yet, also like Paul, I know, and count on the fact, that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. It is only the hope of improvement that keeps me going some days. I focus too much on the failures and celebrate the victories with short shrift. So today I raise my hand to the creator of all with full expectation that He will take it and give me a lift back up. And while I have to work at this visualization, I see him delighted with me.

Delighted in my desire to meet him and be with him. Delighted in my progress. Delighted that there are victories along the way. Delighted that I haven’t let the failures completely derail me. Delighted that I’ve asked for help, strength, wisdom and peace. I see half empty. God always sees half full.

I am deeply grateful that God is an optimist!


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