Gord with Gjert Christmas 1958

Gord with Gjert Christmas 1958

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I look at this picture of me starting out and my grandfather in the prime of his life and realize that I really do stand on the shoulders of giants. Here is a man who homesteaded the hard scrabble, dry land prairie with two brothers as a young teen. The amount of hard work, inventive creativity, bull headed determination and a fair amount of prayer support from back home to get me in this picture is breath taking. And yet if I’m not careful I can find myself feeling like I have it hard.

And while I realize that hard is a relative thing, my hard cannot begin to compare with Grampa Gjert’s hard. There are so many questions I’d ask him now if I had the chance. Some as simple as “Why come to the dry prairie to start a new life?” Others perhaps more complex, “How did you experience God in your lifetime?” That latter one is a question I ask myself quite often. How do I know, and probably more importantly, how do I reflect God in my life. What evidence could be brought to prove that I am a follower of Jesus.

Maybe that’s part of my voice, questions about what could/should be absolute certainty, yet are often not.

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